smaRTLS - RTLS Location System

smaRTLS® is a patented technology developed by CreateASoft that simplifies the installation, connectivity and configuration of multiple locator devices and technologies (Active RFID, Passive RFID, Barcode, GPS and others). smaRTLS® incorporates a state of the art signal filtering engine that eliminates redundant reads and location signals while maintaining a highly accurate positioning of each tagged entity, in Real-Time. smaRTLS® provides the capability to read from and write to tags, on-the-fly, while accurately tracking each entity.
Digital Twin Studio powered by smaRTLS

RTLS for Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehouse, Distribution Center tracking system - workflow RTLS tracking: manpower, products, inventory, worklift, and more...

Digital Twin Studio Powered By smaRTLS® - Smart Real-Time Location Systems (Active RFID, Passive RFID, Barcode, GPS and others)

  • Connects to a single or hybrid system of location technologies
  • Combines all collected data into a single coherent stream into the Digital Twin Studio
  • Automatically creates entity relationship for traceability and chaining
  • Built in auto-configurator for hands-off maintenance.
  • Provides accurate location data through proximity tags
  • Tablet mode support - Walk the operation for real-time accurate inventory count.
  • Reduced infrastructure cost 

Turn passive tags into Intelligent Proximity Tags with smaRTLS proprietary tracking and chaining technology.

 NOTE: Provided price does not include the cost of tags, readers or any supported networking equipment. Please contact CreateASoft for additional eqipment and compatibility with existing readers and tags.

License cost is per tracked single structure with up to 100 readers, unlimited tags.