Digital Twin Studio

Digital Twin Studio™ integrates an extensive toolset to accelerate your digital transformation journey by generating live actionable data while dynamically optimizing your operation for current and future events. Digital Twin Studio™ Connects multiple data systems, from ERP/MRP/WMS/PLC/IoT devices/... including RTLS and proprietary systems, and dynamically creates inter-entity relationships and live visualization in 2D, 3D and VR. The integrated AI engine learns the operation in real-time and performs real-time predictive analytics and optimization. The integrated web interface of Digital Twin Studio™ generates web-accessible, customizable views, dashboards, real time work instructions and dynamic alerts enabling your Digital Transformation.
Delivery date: 3-5 days
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digital twin studio - Real-Time Digital Twin - Visibility and Traceability

Real-Time Digital Twin - Visibility and Traceability

Built in Tracking and Visualization tools (2D, 3D, VR) for Real-Time digital twin shadow

  • Provides Real-Time visualization of the operation in 2D, 3D, and VR
  • Interactive entity properties lookup and display
  • Simultaneously Connects to different RTLS tracking systems
  • Auto-Generates entity relationship across data systems for Traceability
  • Generates Heatmaps, congestion maps, and collision points
  • Highlights bottlenecks and delays in Real-Time
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digital twin studio - predictive scheduling and alert

Digital Twin with AI - Predictive Analytics and Scheduling

Predict future constraints, Schedule adherence, and Proactive System Monitoring

  • Accurately predict costs, efficiencies, inventories, and resource requirements
  • Maintains a Comparison between current, standard, and predicted future state
  • Schedule Adherence, Schedule Monitoring, and validation
  • Real-Time Work Instructions delivered to the floor for maximum efficiency
  • Proactive Maintenance and downtime prevention
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digital twin studio - dynamic dashboard

Digital Twin Live Metrics -Dynamic Dashboards

Simple drag and drop dashboard builder with unlimited layout capabilities

  • Built in gauges, charts, grids and reports
  • Ability to export data set on demand
  • Connectivity to multiple data sources, including SQL, Oracle and other data warehouses
  • Real-time dynamic update per dashboard component
  • Role based Permission control for each dashboard item
  • Mobile friendly view
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Machine Learning Digital Twin for Prescriptive Analytics and Control

Machine Learning Digital Twin for Prescriptive Analytics and Control

Auto-learning model using an integrated AI engine and Neural Networks for Optimization, Real-Time Work

  • System can be implemented on Premise, or as a Cloud based system
  • Internal Self-Monitoring envrionment to maintain maximum up-time
  • Self-Learning - Adding entities, items, locations is automatically detected from live data streams - No user intervention required
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